Benson Hut!

Had a great time out at the Benson hut this past weekend.  Cruised out there after skiing Sugar Bowl on Friday with Miley, Kevin & Moses.

Nick left at 4 am on Sat to get to work… then Dave, Danielle, Sena, Bertram, Jeanie, Jason, and their dog Whiskey came in.  Lots of shenanigans during the heat wave.  Slushy snow, but had a ton of fun.

Benson Hut April 2012 from TeleK on Vimeo.

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Some N. Lake skiing from last weekend (Mar 30 – Apr 1, 2012)

Spent another amazing weekend up in Tahoe. Stayed at Donner Lake at Kimbo’s work’s cabin, went to Alpine on Fri, Sugar Bowl on Sun.

Here’s the short version… of only Sun.

And the longer one…

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Woot Woot!  Best day of the season (so far…)!  Would be awesome to get another storm like this…

Miley?  McFly? What’s going on? We want more pulpy action!!!

Anybody home?

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A Stormy Sunset Summit

Lone Pine Peak

The past week or so has produced some amazing displays of afternoon weather. Muggy air masses in the late morning and clouds build throughout the day. Billowing, white popcorn shapes morph into towering anvils foretelling the precipitous events to come. As the heavens darken with the weight of their load, gray, sweeping shafts stretch down to the earth’s surface in the distance. The smell of rain just a few miles away is as recognizable and pleasant as a fresh cut lawn.

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Tahoe Todd an the Mountain Tribe

Todd - fist deep and way off the deck

When I first moved to South Lake Tahoe I lived in a three bedroom ski lease with about twelve other weekend warriors from the Bay. At that time I didn’t know any locals intimate with the area, I had no idea who made the best pizza in town, nor had I memorized the side-cuts that avoid traffic piled up on 50. However, I quickly learned what channel Resort Sports Network (RSN) was on and my cabin mates and I often watched Todd Offenbacher doing the morning mountain report before we made the drive out to Kirkwood.

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Just One More Climb

A kiss of sun on the Dragtooth's north buttress

I love the smell of wood burning stoves in the crisp autumn air. There’s something refreshing in the sound of saws and splitters, the wind in the leaves and the lonely call of the coyote at dusk. The combination ignites a craving for crock pot dinners and long cold nights snuggling under thick bedding. Like a child, I am captivated watching each storm roll in. For me, fall is the domestic season, when splitting wood, storing the bikes and tucking away the barbeque are chores I willingly embrace. Why? Because winter’s on the way baby, and that means we’ll be skiing before too long.

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Cover shot and feature article: Adventure Sports Journal

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